Why is it so important to use a moisturizer?

Welcome to Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland, where we proudly offer skin care solutions and the best night moisturizers to those who prioritize their skin’s health and nourishment. If you are wondering how moisturizer can transform your skin for the better, be sure to read on!


Just as you wouldn’t go a day without hydrating your body with liquid, you should never go a day without hydrating your skin. Not only will this keep your skin feeling healthy for years to come, but it will keep it feeling soft and supple today.

Immediate Effects

The day you begin moisturizing your face, you can feel the proper hydration working its magic in your skin. Our incredible moisturizer locks the hydration into your skin and keeps you protected from outside elements. It can smooth your rough and flaking skin, as well as keep you looking fresh and healthy. Not to mention, applying a thin layer of moisturizer on your face before beginning your makeup routine can actually create a more flawless and smooth appearance. You can also alleviate any tension you might be feeling in your skin, as well as itchiness and other irritation by simply applying your moisturizer.


Long Term Effects

When you make it a priority to use your moisturizer each day, you can expect to see the benefits years in the future, as well as today. Hydration is what allows your skin to function at its highest level, so by providing constant hydration, your skin can remain healthy. Skin cells that remain moisturized can reproduce quickly and repair themselves. This means that you will be able to see massive anti-aging benefits as you age. In fact, those who use moisturizers regularly have been found to develop wrinkles at a fraction of the rate of those with dry skin.

Our Power Cream

Our Power Cream 24h works as the best day & night moisturizer you have experienced. This cream smoothes the appearance of wrinkles while offering unparalleled protection and intense moisture. Our formula is the perfect combination of antioxidants and other natural ingredients, including organic edelweiss, macadamia nut oil, vitamin E, and Swiss spring water. This cream even contains a combination of three plant stem cells - extracts of apple, grape, and Alpine rose - to give you complete protection and skin hydration at all times.

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What can happen if I don’t moisturize?

For those people out there who do not adhere to a strict moisturizing routine, we have some bad news: avoiding moisturizing can lead to wrinkles, dull and flaky complexions, aggravated acne, itchy skin, and a lost layer of protection. Any wrinkles you may already have may become worse without proper hydration to the skin. This is a result of the skin barrier being compromised and leading to extra dryness and inflammation. The environment can be harsh, so keep yourself protected from the pollutants in the air with moisturizer.

Proper Application

In order to achieve the full moisturizing effects of our power cream, be sure to wash your face each morning and evening with the Energy Booster Serum. Next, apply the power cream by using circular motions, and apply it evenly to your face and neck twice daily. We are sure that you will love the results you see instantly, as well as in a few months from now. We pride ourselves on using only the most natural of ingredients to create products of the highest quality. Be sure to shop our collection today for a skincare routine that you and your skin are sure to love. We understand quality skincare, which is why are are proud to offer only the best. Shop now to choose the set that best meets your needs!

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