What is an authentic Swiss product?

What is an authentic Swiss product?

1. Made by swiss people

We believe that one of the factors of making an authentic Swiss products is having Swiss people make it. This includes Swiss scientists, Swiss graphic designers, Swiss farmers and of course Swiss founders. We are proud to be a family company.

Did you know?
Jacqueline Piotaz was born a couple of villages away from the Matterhorn.


This may come as a surprise to you, but many 'Swiss' products are not actually made in Switzerland. Not only are our products made in Switzerland, our laboratory is located in the Swiss mountains. Authentic Alpine manufacturing.

Did you know? 
Advertisers can market a product as Swiss without it actually being made in Switzerland. Always check the back of a product and make sure it has the iconic "Made in Switzerland" text.

3. Made with Swiss Ingredients

We believe that not only should a Swiss product be made IN Switzerland, but OF Switzerland. 
For us, this means using Swiss mountain water, Swiss plants and Swiss biotechnology.

If a product is made in Switzerland, but imports its ingredients, we do not consider it to be authentically Swiss.

Would you still consider Swiss chocolate to be Swiss if it didn't have Swiss milk?

Jacqueline Piotaz. Authentically Swiss.