The Effect of Pollution on the Skin

Every day our skin is exposed to pollution: car exhaust, particulate matter from industrial factories and agriculture, smoke and other toxins.

Scientific studies have shown a direct link between pollution and skin aging. Not only do they accelerate skin aging , they dehydrate, damage cellular material and increase skin inflammation.

The skin suffers from early signs of aging, moisture deficiency, looks dull and looses its natural radiance.


Fermented Yeast

Fermented yeast is prized for its ability to preserve tissue vitality and longevity. Harnessing cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs, fermented yeast can neutralize harmful pollutants in the skin, promote natural cellular detoxification, and help to prevent pollution-induced aging.

Stone Pine

Known as the Queen of the Alps, the Swiss stone pine is a long-living, slow-growing tree whose concentrated extract calms the complexion and imparts a youthful radiance. Stone pine concentrate can visibly even skin tone, reducing the appearance of redness and age spots.

Alpine Rose

The Alpine rose blooms at high altitudes, perfectly adapted to combat cold, dehydration, and sun exposure. Despite extreme conditions, it blooms every spring more beautiful than ever. Alpine rose stem cells reinforce and stimulate the skin barrier, promoting elasticity and suppleness.

Tamarind Seed

Sourced from hypoallergenic trees in Southeast Asia and Africa, tamarind seed has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb and culinary spice. Rich in intensive moisturizers and collagen fibers, tamarind promotes skin hydration for a filling and plumping effect.

Pollution makes your skin age faster.
Detox & protect your skin.