Throughout Jacqueline Piotaz’s twenty-five years in Swiss skincare, between roles with prominent spas, beauty brands and product development labs, she regularly returned to the Valais for the mountainside comforts of home.


On one such visit, Jacqueline was looking through family photos in the attic when she came across a familiar book. She held the leather-bound journal in her hands and blew dust across its cover. The edges of the pages were yellowed and curved. She gently opened them and found her grandmother’s delicate handwriting inside.

It looked like a recipe book, but the ingredients were all local plants: Edelweiss, Alpine rose, Gamay grapes… these were Grandmother’s skincare remedies, each page a different potion.


For a moment, Jacqueline was a girl again. Following Grandmother down grassy mountain paths to collect wildflowers in her basket, fallen bark and branches crunching underfoot. Running through the rows of her family’s vineyards, hands outstretched brushing the leaves as she passed. Helping in the herb garden, nourishing seedlings with waters from Alpine streams.

Jacqueline could still see Grandmother jotting down notes in her journal with the pencil she kept in her apron pocket. When they returned from picking fruits and flowers, she stored their cuttings in the cool cellar, and Jacqueline peaked from the top of the cobblestone stairs as Grandmother pestled plants in her mortar and stirred the plant broth in her copper pots.


Invigorated by her newfound discovery, Jacqueline dedicated herself to recreating and producing her family's skincare remedies to share with the world. But there was one challenge. All of these precious plant species were now rare and protected.

Jacqueline would have to wait more than a decade for Swiss scientists to develop techniques for the cultivation of plant stem cells, processes that do not harm the source plants and allowed them to be reproduced.

The first lab sample had a crisp, floral aroma that reminded Jacqueline of Grandmother’s scent. As soon as she applied it to her skin, and in the rejuvenating weeks that followed, Jacqueline knew she had revived her family legacy.


From deep roots in the Swiss Alps, this exclusive family secret is now available for your timeless benefit. Enter a world of snowcapped mountains, where time stands still and anti-aging skincare helps your skin repair itself for a strikingly younger-looking complexion.

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