The CellDetox Cleansing Foam

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This light foam gently purifies the skin, removing makeup and neutralizing harmful pollutants. The CellDetox Cleansing Foam promotes the detoxification process and supports the skin's natural balance. May be used as a shaving cream.

  • Removes makeup and pollution
  • Detoxifies
  • Supports natural skin balance

The Formula


Apply to dry skin every morning and evening. Leave to take effect for a minute, then rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with the CellDetox Serum.


Product Details

The Formula


Apply to dry skin every morning and evening. Leave to take effect for a minute, then rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with the CellDetox Serum.


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Betsy F.

Rich herbaceous lather, highly recommend it!

I'm not usually a huge fan of cleansing foams. I don't mind a cleanser that pumps out like liquid soap and then foams up when you massage it into your skin, but most cleansers that pump out of the canister as foam always seem flimsy and ineffectual to me... BUT this Jacqueline Piotaz CellDetox Foam is the exception that proves the rule. This pumps out as a dense, delightfully herbaceous lather that's nearly as thick as whipped cream. It doesn't thin out and dissipates when you massage it into dry skin, so it really feels like it's working to wash away those last remnants of dirt and oil. It rinses easily and leaves my face feeling clean and soft (as opposed to squeaky and tight). It has a pronounced (but natural) herbal/pine fragrance that I find quite pleasing, but if you prefer skincare with very mild, nearly undetectable scent, then this isn't for you. Personally, I love everything about this stuff and highly recommend it.

Katja B.

Was ok.

Cleansed my skin. Nothing special. Scent was nice.

Belinda N.

Pleasant to use, dispenses well as a foam, fragrant

This smells nice. It doesn't seem strongly scented to me, and the fragrance smells natural - it doesn't assault or burn my nose. The dispenser works well. It comes out as a white foam. One squirt is enough to do my face. It feels very gentle as a face wash. It's effective and pleasant to use, and it doesn't leave my face feeling dry. It removes other makeup well. If I have on makeup, I end up using more and washing my face a couple of times. I like the way my face feels after using it, I am happy using it. After use, when my skin is dry, it feels clean, fresh, hydrated well enough, and soft.

Eugenia K.

High quality facial cleanser

This is my first time using Jaqueline Piotaz skincare line. I never used her skincare line before. There is a variety of product collections geared towards specific skincare types and needs. This green colored skincare line is geared towards detoxification of the skin. The cleanser is made in Switzerland. I love European skincare lines and I am pleased with this product. The cleanser comes in a pump so one can easily control the amount to dispense. The cleanser is creamy but not too thick. It almost has a look and feel of the cream but it goes on this skin evenly and it helps both remove the makeup and remove the dirt. I use it day and night before applying the rest of the skin regiment (from other skincare lines). This product has a "green scent" and the main ingredients are apple and alpine rose. What I really like about the product is that it contains fermented yeast. I found that yeast is really beneficial to my combination-oily skin. It removes dirt and excess oil. In addition to the mentioned ingredients, the product also has pine extract and tamarind. Tamarind is a great ingredient for stimulating collagen production. This is a luxurious product. This product investment can probably last you for up to three months if used twice daily. The scent of the product is very soft, not overwhelming. Also. I love the fact that this product line does not have any harmful ingredients such as parabens, etc. It is suitable for use regardless of what age you are.

Julie A.


I used it as directed, applying the foam on my dry face. After a minute or so, I rinsed with lukewarm water and my skin felt clean (I mean really clean) and soft. Makeup residue was gone, too. The directions indicate that a serum is to be used after this cleansing foam - their brand, CellDetox, of course. The cleansing foam is rather pricey, but many skin products are at this price point. It's a competitive market. This is, however, one of the better cleaning solutions or foams that I have used.

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