The CellProtect Cream

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This soft cream reinforces the skin's defensive barrier and protects against the signs of pollution-induced aging. The CellProtect Cream combines shea butter and macadamia oil to hydrate the complexion and balance natural sebum production.

  • Detoxifies and removes pollutants & toxins
  • Plumps, hydrates and balances sebum production
  • Reduces redness and calms irritated skin
  • Protects against environment induced skin aging




Apply after serum to face and neck every morning and evening. Reapply during the day in urban areas.





Apply after serum to face and neck every morning and evening. Reapply during the day in urban areas.


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Nicholas B.
United States United States

Immediately noticed improvement on dry skin

Honestly great! I tried this product at a friends house one day, and noticed that it immediately improved my dry skin I had on both sides of my nose, and noticed overall even skin tone on my face! Will definitely continue to buy this product!

Krista L.

Very hydrating

I'm always in the market for a good, high-quality moisturizer that's versatile. I don't like it when creams are too thick or heavy or when they feel too heavy on my skin. This Cell Protect cream is not too heavy at all and goes on very evenly and smoothly. It's not too thick and is suitable for day or night. I used it as a base under my daily makeup, and it worked just fine. It also has a soothing scent.

Kara V.

Soft cream, super cool packaging; light, feminine scented lotion

The packaging is very impressive - the box opens like a lotus flower, and the pump rises from the top of the lid after the lid is twisted and locked into place. I live in a very dry climate, so I use a lot of lotion, especially at night. So I have to pump a few times to get the amount of moisturizer I need. The scent of this product is floral but not headache-inducing. It's a very subtle rose, cleansing type of smell. I usually can't stand anything rose-scented, but I can apply this without a problem. The scent doesn't linger. The moisturizing effect is very light, and it absorbs quickly. My skin feels very soft and smooth. My makeup goes on well, and I don't seem to be getting dry crack lines by the end of the day.

Viola L.

Skin feels calm, cool, fresh as well as supple & moisturized

MY SKIN: mid-40s, live in country/rural area in the North East USA, very little city exposure, cold climate, almost always use SPF all year, clear skin although with ROSACEA (non-acne, but have some pink and redness from flushing and VEINS- telangiectasias- cheeks, chin, nostrils), semi-dry, never oily, sensitive but getting better with addressing skin barrier (building and protecting). I love taking care of my skin, and I have and will spend the money on a really good, effective product. Time will tell on this one as to whether it is something I want to continue with. So far, so good. As with a lot of skincare, I began with a patch test. I applied a small amount on my forearm to see if I would have any reactions. My skin tends to be sensitive, so I always do a patch test ahead of time. 24 hours later, my skin was still clear. Moving forward... Here is what you can expect: WHAT'S IN THE BOX: The packaging is unique. The box opens like a flower is blooming. Printed on the box is background information on the company, a blurb on the 4 main components of the formula, a full list of ingredients, & how to use it. Inside is the bottle resting securely on a foam platform. There is a little instruction book in multiple languages. There is information on each of the collections. This collection is the Pollution Defense Detox & Protect line. This product is the CellProtect Cream, which is the last step. I happen to have the eye concentrate, too. There is information on each product as well as a scan code so you can look up more information. Instructions on how to apply included for each product blurb. HOW BOTTLE WORKS: The tall bottle is attractive in its ombre green coloring. The bottle is airtight. It has a hidden pump dispenser. With a simple twist, the pump raises (or lowers). Give it an extra twist to lock in place so you can pump the product out. A small amount is doled out with each pump. Twist again to fully close and hide the pump. This lends to maintaining the freshness of the product and also aesthetics. 50ml container. I need two pumps to fully cover my face. Third, if I am going down my neck, too. HOW IT SMELLS: This product has fragrance. I tend to have scent nausea AND sensitive skin (rosacea!), so any "fragrance" as an added ingredient is normally a no-go for me. I do not know what the source of the fragrance is from. Whatever it is, so far it has NOT triggered a headache, NOT made me nauseous nor made my skin feel bad. FINAL NOTE: Beautiful product, feels amazing and smells wonderful. I recommend this product.

Hannah M.

Nice soft application, goes on smoothly

A nice box, and even nicer, easy to use, and great for travel (the pump retracts into the cap) bottle. The cream inside is thinner, more a lotion than a cream. As such, the “cream” goes on really smoothly. It is light and not greasy. It does not leave my skin feeling oily at any time of the day. Despite how light it is I do feel it moisturizes well.

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