The VitalCell Eye Contour Pads

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Our eye mask system combines a collagen biomatrix with Swiss apple stem cells and hyaluronic acid, forming a second skin to intensively hydrate, brighten, and relax the delicate eye area. Fine lines appear filled, with visible results in only fifteen minutes.

  • Instantly plumps wrinkles and fine lines
  • Lifts and firms eye area
  • Revitalizes and deeply hydrates

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The Formula


Firmly press liquid chamber with both thumbs to release liquid into pad area. Peel open the back and apply smooth side of pads following visual guide. Use as needed.

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The Formula


Firmly press liquid chamber with both thumbs to release liquid into pad area. Peel open the back and apply smooth side of pads following visual guide. Use as needed.

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Maria H.

5 Pairs

The eye area is the first to show aging in part because the skin in that area is so delicate and also because of the frequent crinkling movement from smiling, squinting, etc. I definitely have more puffiness and creases than I used to and these pads worked well to temporarily reduce the puffiness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and overall brightening of the area. The treatment is pleasant and neat—just press on the liquid portion of the packet and the liquid is released into the eye pad area which becomes saturated and ready for use. They stayed in place without issue and after 20 minutes I removed them and there was a noticeable temporary improvement. The packaging is dramatic, unfolding to reveal a view of the Swiss Alps. The formula contains hyaluronic acid along with a collagen biomatrix and other components—I detected no fragrance. Alcohol, parabens, mineral oil, silicon are not used and there is no animal testing. There are 5 sets of two eye masks and I will use the remaining 4 as a special treatment when allergies or lack of sleep require special intervention or a bit of pampering is in order. Excellent.

Brooklyn N.

Work great, very happy with results

I wanted something to help me with wrinkles and sagginess around my eyes; these Jacqueline Piotaz VitaCell Eye Contour Pads looked like just the ticket. I followed the directions that came in the box. and firmly pressed the liquid chamber to release the liquid into the pad area. The pad area quickly filled and saturated. The instructions say to apply the smooth side to the eye area. My only downfall was trying how to figure out the smooth side from the less-smooth side with my glasses off. Although the instructions say to leave the pads in place for 15 minutes, they felt so good I left them for about 30 minutes until they dried out and started to fall off. These VitaCell Eye Contour Pads made my eyes feel refreshed and hydrated. Although these are a higher-end item with the attendant price, I really liked the results and more importantly the great way they made my eyes feel. Very pleased with these eye pads.

Emily P.

Leaves skin super soft

So far I can say that these pads leave the area around my eyes super soft. I can't say yet, that they necessarily lighten the dark circles under my eyes, but I've always seemed to have really dark circles under my eyes for some reason. I would like to try another set and see if I keep seeing improvements as I go, but the box I received only had 5 sets of two pads, and for the price, I feel like I need to wait a few days before using another set or it would get really expensive. They come with packs that have two dry eye patches, and a spot to the side filled with liquid, that you push and it then releases the hydrating liquid on to the eye pads, saturating them right before use. They apply really easily, and I had no problem getting them to stay put and leaving them on for 15 minutes. The instructions just say, results in as little as 15 minutes but don't have time to not exceed, so I may try to leave it on a little longer next time and see if it yields any more noticeable results.

Olivia T.


I found these eye pads to be refreshing for my eyes after a long day. They can only be used under your eye and not over or in your eye. They really do relieve puffiness under the eye which has been a major problem for me since I was a child. I was born with bags under my eyes. Great product.

Kathy L.

Not only effective but never tested on animals and free of hormone disrupters

I’m what is kindly known as a senior citizen. Less kindly, I’m considered over the hill. But I’ve always cared for my skin and it has aged well, with minimum lines. I think a major reason is that I’m very careful about what I use on my face, including around the eyes. And I avoid products with alcohol or those tested on animals and especially those with hormone disrupters. These pads not only meet the above requirements but they have definitely reduced any puffiness, especially in the morning. I have allergies and tend to wake up with significant puffiness. My spouse has commented on the improvement since I’ve used these pads. They also minimize wrinkles to the point that they can’t be seen once I have put on my light foundation.

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